Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reminder for Myself...

1. Dont be sad with the little2 thingy...

2. if u think u have nobody, think that God always with u..

3. Always cheer up urself..

4. if u have so much problems that make u feel down, try to remember family and their hopes..

5. Friends.. Even u have no friends, u have to continue ur life.. the truth friend is hard to find.. Only a lucky person will have a very truth friend.

6. Dont ever take thing seriously and emotionally.. it will make u feel sad..

7. Study hard.. Please get me away from thing yg melekakan myself.. i have my family hope on my shoulders.

8. Try change a self to be a better person, student and daughter..

9. Try to forgive and forget all the things yang berlaku n terkesan d hati..

10. Lastly, this is the most thing that i want to remind myself... that is kalo kte sayangkan seseorg, xbermakne kte je yg memiliki dye... try to accept other people yg ade dlm hidup org yg kte syg tu gak... if kte je yg nak menakluki or memiliki dye.... smpi bile2 pun kte xkan rase bahagia bersama dgn dye.... CINTA OR SAYANG bukan bermaksud kte MEMILIKI that person.. xkesah ler hubungan cinte ke, persahabatan ke.. dat is my problem... when i have somebody.. i'll think dat they're mine... they have to give full attention to me..
So, if i'm not change this kind of behavior, smpi bile2 pun im not gonna get in to the good relationship...hukhuk

Bile diri ini diperlukan....

Kenapa bile kte rase kte perlukan dye, baru kte thegeh2 nak cari dye?
nape mase kte xperlukan dye, kte langsung xnak tanye ttg diri dye?
manusia.... mmg manusia xperfect.. tp perlukah kte mengulang kesilapan yg sama andai kte pernah menyesalinya?

Kekadang, penah tlintas di pikiran untuk xkan memaafkan org yg lukekan aty ni... im very2 sick with people yg sentiase lukekan aty kte pdahal kte care pasal dye.. im try to be nice with them but at the end of day, i think im the only one yg get hurt by their words, their action and behavior.. Hello! im a human yg ada hati dan perasaan... tolong la jgn wat mcm i'm the thing yg keras kaku yg senang2 ko muntahkan words yg xenak ddgar!!! siyes, my heart was broken.. bkeping2 aty ni berderai jatuh ke tanah...

rasenyer dah kering airmata mengenang my fate with that kind of people. kekadang penah im question my fate, why must i met this kind of people.. oh no!! that is the fate.. i have no right to questioned it.. Alhamdulillah.. dat just what we can do.. redha.. my heart said..

kekadang aty ni bbisik jahat.. 'jgn penah maafkan org yg melukakan aty kte, yg slalu wat kte rase sdey dan xpenah pkir pasal kte...' tp seketika kemudian, berbisik pulak sore kate..'xbek kte brmusuhan.. maafkan jek org yg slalu sakitkan aty kte kerana dgn memaafkan aty kte akan jd lebey tenang...'

And that is what im gonna do.. try to forgive whoever yg penah menyakitkan aty ni kerana i want to get the 'ketenangan' slepas memaafkan seseorang.. xnak la dsebabkan that person, im not keruan coz asek dok pkir masalah yg same.. i hope dgn memaafkan orang akan mmbuatkan diri kte rase lapang n lega tanpa memikirkan masalah tbabit..

Let bygone be bygone... Past is past.. byk lagi benda yg menunggu untuk kte harungi pada masa depan.. mgkin dugaannye lagi besar drp ape yg kte pernah hadapi... if now i feel like to surrender, how im gonna be survive with the cabaran pd mase2 akan dtg.. so, i said to myself, try to motivate myself dat this only the small thingy.. not all people have the kind heart.. n not all people is bad.. there is the good people.. juz u need to find by making a lot of friends.. n know them better...

So, pd those yg menyakitkan aty fieza, i forgive u... and for all my Friends... Please FORGIVE ME if i've ever done wrong to you..